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How to Conduct Effective Public Speaking, Presentation Skills & Sales Training - right here!

"You Can Laugh At Shyness and Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
When You Follow These Simple
Step-by-Step Tips!"

Find out how You can overcome a fear worse than death!

How to Enjoy the Applause
when You Stand Up To Speak


"Oh! - I'd rather Die than make a speech!"

I'm sure you've often heard that said - and maybe you've often said it yourself.
Although speaking is something we all do quite naturally every day of our lives,
it's still one of the most frightening and nerve-racking things to do 'in public'.

It's very interesting to note that in a survey of the things people fear most,
the ultimate catastrophe, DEATH, actually came way down the list at No.7. -
Can you guess what came top of the list? - Yes! - PUBLIC SPEAKING

Does Public Speaking Terrify You? -

PUBLIC SPEAKING and Panic Attacks !!!! - Is that familiar?

We want to help you overcome that major fear and help you take advantage of the many opportunities, which present themselves to those who can express themselves in an easy, confident and professional manner.

So this is why we have put this very practical manual together. - To help you speak up for yourself in all circumstances, overcome the fear of public speaking and reap the rewards you justly deserve.

I really wanted that job, but the interview was a disaster!

Do you find that at the very time you should be speaking confidently and well, nerves get the better of you and you either get completely tongue-tied or say all the wrong things and end up like a blubbering, shivering, shaking jelly?

Don't worry, - you're not alone - and the solution is right here for you!

Whether you are going for that important job interview, or trying to convince the boss that you are the one for the next promotion or pay rise, or maybe you are the boss and dreading having to speak to the staff or the shareholders at the next annual meeting or sales conference, - help is at hand!

Are you dreading that 'wedding speech' or are you about to embark on the very lucrative professional after-dinner speaking circuit? - This is for YOU!

In this course you'll discover all the hints, tips, and tricks of the trade to enable you to stand up and speak up for yourself at any time.

The Talk Tactics eBook or CDrom will help you overcome your fears and anxiety that currently prevent you from 'speaking in public'.

Learn the Basic Foundations of Effective Public Speaking

To help you there's a section on:

  • Introducing you to Public Speaking
  • Getting Started with your First Speech
  • Building your confidence
  • How to Overcome fear of public speaking

How and Where do you Start?

  • How to start preparing your first speech
  • Selecting just the right topic for your speech
  • Analysing your audience
  • How to develop your speech
  • Organising your speech
  • Preparing your speech outline

Your Speech is prepared - Now You've got to Stand Up
and Present it in front of an audience - Frightening? -
NO! - Not once you've read this manual...

  • You'll learn how to effectively present your speeches

  • Preparing your visual aids, like overheads, pictures, flip charts etc.

  • And finally delivering your Speech Effectively

All this is rounded off with a section of FINAL QUESTIONS...

GO ON! - Take the plunge... - Make that Speech - Get that Job -
Go for that Interview you've been dreading. - Motivate your staff -
Enjoy the weekly Sales Meetings - Make them sit up and listen to you.

Enjoy the Admiration and Applause!



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